I wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that baby Renee was born weighing in at 8lbs 3 ounces. 

It was a natural delivery - I was induced (38 weeks) as I was found to have gestational diabetes. 

I was induced twice over 12 hrs to begin with. I was having mild contractions but nothing was happening. The baby's heart rate was being monitored and she was fine. 

After 12 hours they then broke my waters. This brought on the contractions and dilating very, very quickly! I went 0-6cms in 5 hours. This was where we used the hypnobirthing techniques (along with the gas and air). I had my favourite guided meditation (the one about blowing out bubbles) and I think Jeff was reciting it over and over until the pain got too much (I then had an epidural). 

Things seemed to slow down after that. I dilated only a further 2cms (to 8) in the following 8 hours after that which made the consultants advise that they were going to give me s Cesarean. I was heartbroken (and frankly a bit pissed off!) when I heard this as I have always been dead set AGAINST having a Cesarean. The process from 1st induction had taken about 27 hours up until this point and it felt like such a waste to have gone through all of that to get cut open anyway. I also was conscious of the fact that help at home is limited for me so I also wanted to avoid the recovery time needed for a Cesarean (in conjunction with looking after the baby). 

The consultant told us they were preparing the theatre for my Cesarean and left the room. When she left - my midwife (who could see that I was devastated) gave me some jelly babies. She got Jeff and my sister-in-law to prop me up on my feet. In the 30 mins that ensued she used every trick in the book to try and get the baby to drop the final 2cms required for a natural delivery. 

The consultant came back and got me 30 mins later and low and behold!! She had a look and said 'whaddya know? You've dilated the extra 2cms so you can have a natural delivery after all!!'

I tell you. I could have kissed my midwife (who gave me a nod and a wink from the other side of the theatre). 

Birthing her was a bit intense but this time round I was mentally prepared for it. I had a forceps delivery and 5 stitches (they cut me as opposed to a tear) but two weeks later it's all healed up nicely and she is perfect. It was a much better outcome than being confined to a chair if I had had the Cesarean. 

The midwives made reference to how calm I was throughout the process and I did make them aware that we wanted to follow the hypnobirthing method (lots of walking around). 

I wanted to say (on behalf of both Jeff and I), thank you for your time - I'm currently signing up to as many mother and baby classes as possible in the hope I'll make some new friends! Hopefully we'll bump into you soon!
"I found Christine to be very friendly, personable, knowledgeable and punctual. As well as giving me an overview of the options open to me, she was also able to impart other valuable nuggets of information about mother and baby activities in the local area."
"Very informative and friendly course. It has opened my eyes to what to expect. I would deiniftely recommend it."
"Hypnobirthing has helped me understand the process of birth in great depth. I feel more confident about dealing with the process in a relaxed and calmer manner."
"I discovered Magical Baby Moments at an Expectant Parents Event at Mothercare. I'd heard about hypnobirthing through a friend and we'd booked on to a natal hypnotherapy class already but sat in on a taster session. I found the brief script Christine did so moving and powerful I was really impressed. 

I didn't do hypnobirthing with Magical Baby Moments purely because we were already booked up/had CDs and a book. But I saw the Maternity Meet-ups on a Friday morning which appealed to meet other mums and practice techniques and learn more in the comfort of Christine's home. I went a few times as it was close to my due date and each time I found it so helpful - a mixture of discussing your concerns, scripts and techniques, useful excerpts from books and video clips etc. I also felt able to share lots of personal details which then helped me get techniques suitable to my situation. 

In terms of hypnobirthing itself, I didn't realise I'd used any techniques but I truly had, as I can see it in the photos my fiance took of me in labour. I now believe it helped me hugely in the birth and also beforehand in keeping me calmer about giving birth. 

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed and valued our sessions and would highly recommend hypnobirthing to everyone. It's not weird hippy ideas people may think, it's common sense techniques to help you relax and prepare for your labour, I'd highly recommend and in fact I introduced a few ladies from my NCT group to Magical Baby Moments after my first visit!


“After trying absolutely everything to induce labour naturally, we agreed to go in for medical induction at 41 weeks and started off with the gel, which kicked off contractions nicely. It was a slow process but the contractions were fairly strong, so I focused on up breathing and visualisations to get through it. They told me that once I had dilated enough, they would break my waters to help push things along further.

The vaginal examinations were uncomfortable enough, so I wasn’t looking forward to that procedure, so my husband read a relaxing script which really helped, along with a bit of ‘gas and air’. Labour continued to progress slowly, so they also gave me the drip. As the contractions got stronger, the hypnobirthing techniques really helped me to deal with them.

Every midwife and doctor I saw couldn't get over how I was surviving all this time just with the tens machine and ‘gas and air’, as they see most women begging for epidural in inductions – instead I was calm and smiling between contractions!
In the end, after 52 hours, my labour stalled and they found baby’s head had moved slightly to the left and was swelling, so we had to have C-section before it got any worse. For me, that was my worst outcome for birth and one that I really wanted to avoid. I used the scripts and breathing to stay as calm as possible throughout it.

All worth it of course, as we now have a beautiful, calm, happy baby.

Thanks Magical Baby Moments for all your help through pregnancy and your hypnobirthing course, it was so useful and I could not have coped so well without it!”


“I just wanted to let you know that we had our baby girl Wednesday morning. Possibly due to the baby lying back to back, I felt the discomfort exclusively in my back, which led to the midwife on the phone initially telling me that I was not in labour.

So, to cut a long story short, by the time a midwife came out to me 3 hours later I was already 7cm dilated. She then couldn't get another midwife to me quickly enough so accompanied me to the birth centre instead. 

The midwives there were brilliant and I ended up having my baby girl in the birthing pool approximately 7 hours after we made that first telephone call.

My waters didn't break at all, which I think must have helped her turn right at the last minute, just before she came out. So I think you were right when you said that 'baby knows best'

Thank you again for all of your love and kindness and support, it was absolutely invaluable during the run-up to the birth.”


“As a first-time mum, I had studied all the possible options of where to deliver my son and decided that a home birth with a pool was what we really wanted.

Labour started around midnight and we called the hospital. Knowing that we were just at the very beginning of this journey, we knew the midwife wouldn’t come for a little while. My husband and I set up ‘camp’ in the living room and tried to get some sleep - easier said than done with the excitement that our boy was on his way… The midwife came and checked us, we were both doing well and after observing us for a while decided to leave us in peace and to call her if we needed her (though her shift was finishing at 8am, so it was likely that the next visit would be with a new community midwife). 

At 7am, my son, sister and boyfriend (who had stayed the night before) awoke and were elated that labour had started (my sister slightly miffed that I hadn't woken her in the night!). At around 9am, I shooed them out of the house, needing to create a quiet zone and get into my space. The hours that followed were gentle and relaxed, with time spent on the bouncing ball, in the pool (for relaxation) and pacing around the living room with a tens machine. When it came to giving birth I got back into the pool and gave birth to my son in there. I can honestly say, I didn’t feel any real pain in labour – the tens machine helped enormously with the surges the stronger they got. It really was a magical experience to be in the comfort of my home and familiar surroundings. I would recommend this environment to everyone. From the very first sign of labour until he was born was 15 hours.”


“After a complicated first birth and an anxious pregnancy, I took the time to really practice hypnobirthing techniques. I admit that very early in hospital I did have a wobbly and wondered whether I had the strength to do this labour naturally, but that doubt quickly got quashed and the hypnobirthing practice took over and helped me through the labour.

With a labour progressing through the night, we walked the corridors of what seemed like an eerily quiet hospital – it almost felt exclusively for us. The hours seemed to pass quickly and soon we were moved to the labour ward. After a quick chat with our midwife, she sent us off for another lap around the hospital. On our return, she left us on our own in our room, reassuring us that she was just outside. My husband and I were joking one minute, then we suddenly realised that we hadn't taken any photos, so we took a shot and then within a couple more surges, I felt that something had ‘changed’. The midwife whizzed back into the room and told us we were good to go. Wanting to remain upright, I knelt and leaned my arms over the back of the bed. With a few soft down breaths my daughter was in my arms. We did it!! 

Our hypnobirthing journey lasted 13 hours from start to finish. It was amazing! I’d rather give birth than have a filling…in fact my hypnobirthing techniques have helped me through dental treatment since...that’s painful. I recommend hypnobirthing to all expectant mums.”
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