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Whether you are a first-time mum or if you have given birth before, if you have any fears about giving birth, but really want to make this experience a positive one, then you have found the right place to prepare you and your birth partner for the birth that you desire.

Magical Baby Moments, based in Romford, Essex, offers antenatal courses, with a strong focus on hypnobirthing. 

As a mother of two who used hypnobirthing techniques for both of her pregnancies, I strongly believe that, if you have a 'low-risk' pregnancy, there is absolutely no need for you to be fearful of your birth; that labour doesn’t have to hurt; and that you can have a natural birth without unnecessary medical intervention. 

If you have been classified as ‘high-risk’ you too can also benefit from hypnobirthing techniques. Mothers who are induced or who need to have a Caesarean Section can also have a positive, calm birth experience.

With the correct preparation and the right mindset, you can understand how your body works – after all, think of all the magical steps it has taken to create your baby from conception to fetus and soon-to-be baby in your arms – and know that labour is the process your body needs to go through to enable your baby to exit its existence in the womb and to join you and your family in the big wide world.

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing and relaxation classes in Romford and Upminster in Essex and one-to-one classes across Essex and London to help expectant mums and their birthing partners prepare for a positive, relaxed and confident birth.

The couples I have taught are not only from Romford, but have come from the surrounding areas including: Harold Wood, Hornchurch, Gidea Park, Ilford, Upminster, Chadwell Heath, Hainault, Dagenham, Barking, Rainham and Elm Park.
"I thought hypnobirthing woud be really 'hippy-like' but actually everything we learnt makes sense and is not hippy at all. I feel like this is something that I will definitely use in my coming birth. Overall it was a very positive experience."

Mother and Child

" After completing the Hypnobirthing Course, 
I felt more positive and optimistic that we can have a good experience 
instead of fearing the birth"

What is hypnobirthing?

Firstly, I promise you that hypnobirthing is not an airy-fairy cult thing for tree-huggers. Hypnobirthing is a simple and effective set of tools that helps you release any fear and negativity that often surrounds pregnancy. It will prepare the your mindset for a calm and confident birth. By simply understanding what happens to your body during labour, learning how to remain relaxed and following the breathing and visualisation techniques, you too can experience a wonderful birth.

The hypnobirthing techniques are taught to parents, ideally from the second trimester to allow time to practice, but it can also be taught (and be as effective) just a few days before birth.

Magical Baby Moments is based in Romford, Essex and its classes are offered across Essex and London. Magical Baby Moments follows the KG Hypnobirthing method and teaches classes either as one-to-one or in groups. 

If you’re a first time mum who is aiming for a natural birth, free of medical intervention, or if your previous births have left you feeling wanting more, Magical Baby Moments can help you prepare for the best birth for you and your baby – free from fear, with calm and confidence. 

A mother who uses  KG Hypnobirthing, often looks back on her birth as an empowering experience.

Magical Baby Moments offers:
Group Hypnobirthing Programme evenings - usually starts on the first Tuesday of each month | 4-week programme
Group Hypnobirthing Programme weekends – Saturday and Sunday, selected dates
One-to-One Hypnobirthing Programme - at a mutually convenient time
Share with a Friend - at a mutually convenient time
Hypnobirthing Refresher - at a mutually convenient time

Call to find out how Magical Baby Moments can help you create the right birth for you and your baby.

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The Power of Hypnobirthing B ook Front Cover
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About Me

Like many first-time mums, the journey of pregnancy amazed me - this little person growing inside of me, getting bigger with each passing day. As the months progressed and the due date approached, I wanted to find ways to help me achieve a calm and positive birth experience. 
For my first baby we planned for a home birth...click on the button below to find out more...


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